Site fixed: No More Blank Pages

No more blank pages, that’s what it’s about.

Those mean 404 “not founds” I’ll do without.

Those “Content deleted” 410s stink, I think,

Worse than the spuds rotting under my sink.


To redirect articles does take some doing,

And sometimes it can even leave one a-stewing.

But I won’t stew long, for my site I will fix

By adding brand new URLs to the mix.


Soon my content will rock with the coolest keywords,

Bewildering penguins and bad hummingbirds.

Then pandas will leave my page rankings alone.

No longer will I hear my search engine moan.


With fresh 301s. the ball soon will get rolling

So my site can invite all the bots that come strolling.

No technical issues will mar my word count.

Traffic will grow and the comments will mount.


More likes will abound as I seek to adjust

And rescue my SEO scores which I must.

Blank pages will vanish, because all links connect,

And no more breaches will the console detect.


No more blank pages, that’s what it’s about.

“I’ve accounted for all of them!” I want to shout,

Because if I do not enjoy my success,

Then how can I bear up when I feel the stress


Brought on by a dip in views so sad to see

When, unfortunately, it seems no one likes me?

Therefore as each flaw in my posts disappears,

I’ll applaud my success and envision the cheers.


I’ve fixed the blank pages. The lost I will find,

And no mean algorithms will mess with my mind.

As I speak to the mountain I wish to eject,

I’m thinking of finer site maps to erect.


I cannot predict if my followers will stay,

But I’ll try my best not to chase them away.

So, off I go now to continue this race,

At a slow but profoundly continual pace.