God’s Creative Anesthetic Produces Miracles

Creative Anesthetic: the original “While You Were Sleeping” Saga


Creative Anesthetic,

A painless surgery,

Miraculous results,

God did it supernaturally.


The name of the creative anesthetic: “Rest in Me.”


God hid the work from Adam

So he didn’t have a clue,


For him to help with this creative work

Just wouldn’t do.


For him to get a miracle

Required a deep sleep,

– And (I might add) –

The surgery that God performed

Went off without a bleep.


No scanners or heart monitors,

No medical device,

Or man-made things were needed.

God required no advice.


All He needed was for Adam to lie down and not think twice.


For if he’d been awake,

He surely would have messed things up.

“What are you doing to me, God?

I’m feeling swallowed up.”


“I need that rib. Don’t take it!

What? You call those ‘brush strokes’ art?

I don’t like how you’re shaping it.

I want to have a part.”


“What are you doing to her face?

I think she should have wings.

I’m hurting from this cut you made

And all the pain it brings.”


God didn’t want the man to worry ‘bout those sorts of things.


So He used His anesthetic

To eliminated the grief.

For when you’re mind’s not racing,

There’s no room for unbelief.


Before then, man was lonely.

For him, no helper could be found.

Although he checked each animal,

Searching all around.


“I’m looking for a miracle.

Oh, God, how can it be?

I’m feeling so alone in this.

Is there no help for me?”


Before he learned to walk in faith, He needed certainty –


An answer that mere flesh and blood had no strength to reveal,

But in the “deep sleep” of God’s rest we find the power to heal.

It isn’t our own sweat and blood that gets us to that place,

But faith in Jesus’ finished work and awesome gift of grace.


Scriptures: Genesis 2:18-22, Hebrews 4:9-10, Ephesians 2:4-10; Romans 10:9





Blazing Trails Through Jungles of Writing Rejection

Blazing trails through hot rejection while feeling all alone,

Each query one step forward, each “NO” a stepping stone

Until I reach that desperate place where fingers start to bleed.

What stumbling blocks stand in the way, my progress to impede?


Shades of Jumanji in this snare-filled writing jungle…


Through vines of unjust criticism, ponds of selfish greed,

And clumps of cynicism I will find the path I need,

Because new dangers lie in wait at every twist and turn.

I’ve dodged twelve fiery darts so far and still have much to learn.


They say the odds of winning big aren’t in my favor with this game.


The upward trek proves treacherous, I almost lose my grip

As false hopes of desired reviews provoke my hands to slip.

Such shaky rocks, I fear, are slicker than a pirate’s chest.

To rest upon man’s promises is ludicrous at best.


Roll the dice, hope for two sixes, get double ones. ARGH!


But trials force me to look up for wisdom from God’s throne,

For blazing trails through man’s rejection can’t be done alone.

Though in the market place abundant sales pitches resound,

Few sellers stay true to their claims while broken vows abound.


Shades of Jumanji. Watch the numbers. Can I prove them wrong?


It takes a mustard seed of faith with bold determination

To stay true to one’s purpose and not cave to resignation.

Each query one step forward and each “no” a stepping stone,

Blazing trails through man’s rejection, I expand my comfort zone.


It’s not dice rolls but “ask, seek, knock” that finds a way on out


Sometimes I need to rest and let the Holy Spirit breathe

Fresh air into my lungs; exhale old lies, new life receive.

I know eventually I’ll reach my chosen destination,

So I press forward without any fear or hesitation.


“And who is he that will harm you, if you be followers of that which is good?”

(I Peter 3:13)


Seeking a Cure but Looking in the Wrong Direction

Seeking a cure but looking in the wrong direction,

He was a man who faced a ton of rejection

And clearly required a major course correction,

For his entire life’s routine was up for reelection.


He decided to go with the flow. It was the only way

For him to get his miracle. He thought, “I will obey.”

They said, “Timing is everything; you must get in the groove.

If you wish to be healed, my friend, then you had better move.”


He saw the healing line was long. If he could not butt in,

Then once again he would be forced to take it on the chin.

Although it wasn’t fair because he couldn’t move that fast,

He knew that once he got his healing he would have a blast.


Seeking a cure but looking in the wrong direction,

He was a man who faced a ton of rejection

And clearly required a major course correction,

For his entire life’s routine was up for reelection.


And so, he did his very best to find somebody kind

To move him to the number one position where he’d find

The perfect place to enter in and catch a magic wave

Of miracle vibrations that would make his limbs behave.


Then every part of him would be made whole. He’d walk for sure.

Yet someone always beat him to the punch. He found no cure.

Days turned into weeks, then months. The years became a blur.

And still he languished there. How much longer must he endure?


Seeking a cure but looking in the wrong direction,

He was a man who faced a ton of rejection

And clearly required a major course correction.

But as alone as he felt, he could not escape detection.


When Jesus came along, he thought he’d finally found a tool

In the form of two strong arms to throw him in the pool.

Instead, the Master told him to pick up his bed and walk.

The man was made whole right away and folks began to talk.


The crippled man did not require a pool to be made well.

He didn’t have to wade through crowds or ring somebody’s bell.

One word from Jesus was enough to heal him through and through.

And I believe He wants to do the same for me and you.


That’s because we’ve all jumped in the pool of wrong direction,

But Jesus took our punishment and suffered our rejection.

He wants to give each one of us a major course correction.


For, “All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the LORD has laid on him the iniquity of us all.” (Isaiah 53:6)

Story found in the gospel of John chapter 5