From Inedible to Incredible

The potluck was incredible

Because it wasn’t edible.

The prophets, starved for food to eat,

Were tasting bitter fruit, not sweet.


To them it wasn’t edible,

A fact that seemed incredible

Because the guy who messed it up

Had put some wild gourds in their cup.


They knew he had an eye for vines

He must have known were not for wines.

But from the Lord he had not heard

Unless, “Go kill them,” was His word.


The prophets groaned in one accord,

“Did he not hear right from the Lord?

Perhaps from God he has not heard.

We think he’s dumber than a bird.”


“And why did God not warn us too

By telling us, ‘Don’t eat that stew?’

We wish He’d warned us to beware

That those wild gourds weren’t fit to share.”,


“That other prophet should have prayed,

Received God’s word and then obeyed,”

Fumed one who sought a stomach pump

To help the poor prophetic chump


Who lay complaining on the ground

But by Elisha soon was found.

“Don’t worry, we can save this guy,”

Proclaimed the prophet. “He won’t die.”


“Nor shall the stew be hard to fix

If we contribute to the mix

A meal called “Jesus Did It All;

And His Grace Saves Us From The Fall.”


“For no one lives by bread alone,”

But by each word sent from God’s throne.”

So, that’s how they repaired the food.

Then everyone was feeling good


Because the food was edible,

But more than that – incredible!

Like living waters, fresh and clean,

Better than wheat Ruth did glean.


Instead of making prophets ill,

It made their churning stomachs still

Because by Jesus’ stripes we’re healed

His broken body has revealed


The blood He shed to make us whole,

Heal the body and save the soul.

Therefore, it’s not just edible.

It’s totally incredible!


(Based on the story in II Kings 4:38-41, with reference to Matthew 26:26-28, Mark 14:22-24, and Luke 22:19-20)