Great SEO, But No One Reads My Post

Great SEO, but no one reads my post.

So, what went wrong?

I made all the corrections

They said would make my writing strong.

But my Search Engine Optimization didn’t bring the web traffic along.


I put in the right amount of tags

And categories too.

I crunched the numbers perfectly:

Not too many, not too few.


Yet, obviously my post was not

Among the chosen few

That get more than two hits at that.

Tell me, what did I do?


Did I make my poetry too long?

Were my search terms not “all that”?

Do I want too much recognition,

And does someone smell a rat?


To covet fame or glory

Does not behoove one such as I,

Who has pledged to honor Christ

And on His strength I do rely.


Yet I believe my SEO

Has somehow lied to me,

Leading me to think that

Perfect writing is the key


To getting readers for my posts.

I think there must be more,

Something that I have not been told

But I should not ignore.


For it doesn’t seem to make my page views

Go up much if at all.

To see my site’s statistics

Makes me feel rather small.


Perhaps there’s just too many people

Trying to be heard

On social media’s many sites.

Each wants to share a word.


They do their SEO research

And yet their posts don’t fly.

Perhaps a flaw lies in the system

On which they do rely.


For programs don’t do miracles,

But what’s impossible with man

Is possible with God.

To trust in Him is my best plan.