When King Jesus Swoops In

  When King Jesus swoops into your midst, it changes everything…


When King Jesus swooped into their midst, they were stunned

At how quickly he rescued the man they had shunned.

For they had desired to keep the dude down,

Ignoring his pain like the rest of the town,

While fixating on their own fame and renown.


At first, they weren’t scared when King Jesus came in.

Then they saw his cape shedding light on their sin.

“Is it lawful to do good or bad on this day?”

He surprised them by asking. “Which one is okay?”

But their sad, hardened hearts didn’t know “yea” from “nay.”


“Would you rescue a donkey that fell in a pit?”

He questioned the leaders.  “Or just let it sit?”

He exposed their identities once and for all,

For unmasking villains was part of His call,

Besides saving hungry souls hurt by the fall.


Though the king’s divine nature stayed carefully concealed,

His powerful words got the poor fellow healed.

The crowd gasped, astounded, at His bold command

When they saw new strength enter the man’s shriveled hand.

His accusers shrank back at the king’s reprimand.


Like those who had Daniel thrown into a den,

They didn’t want healing but wished for revenge.

They envied King Jesus and wanted him dead,

And soon ugly thorns would encircle his head.

They seemed to view God’s wrath as nothing to dread.


As they plotted to murder this innocent man,

Did they realize their actions fit into God’s plan

For rescuing all who would one day believe

And by the Lord’s mercy forgiveness receive

Through the great superhero they’d chosen to grieve?


Like the rest of us, they had to make a decision

And chose to push God in a well of derision.

They hated the donkey that fell in the pit,

And if no one was looking, they’d just let it sit.

King Jesus they didn’t respect – not a bit!


But one day, King Jesus again will swoop in,

This time as a ruler whose reign has no end,

Administering justice and bringing correction,

He’ll unveil the power of His resurrection,

And rescue all who trust Him for protection.


Not everybody likes a healing. Religious people who have a problem with pride, like the Pharisees in Jesus’ day, may actually dislike such miracles.  When Jesus healed a man’s withered hand as described in the third chapter of Mark’s gospel, the Pharisees hated him for it and plotted to kill him. They’re the villains in the story, but Jesus is the superhero everyone can trust.