Fever Pitch: a Jesus Healing Poem

Peter’s mother-in-law has a fever. His wife is a basket case. She laments loud and long.


Oh, Mama’s got a headache, my Mama’s got pain.

I fear she may never cook, ever again.

She cannot get up and out of her bed

Because the fever’s playing ping-pong with her head.


Oh, I’m doing the dishes, and I’m folding the clothes.

I’m burning the dinner. Someone, get me a hose,

Because Mama can’t help me and she can’t even try.

She feels so bad, we fear she’s going to die.


Peter’s wife is about to tear her hair out when Peter brings Jesus to the house. Soon his wife begins to change her tune.


Glad you came home, Peter. I was hoping you would.

Come to visit Mama? It might do her some good.

And by the way, could you give me a break?

Because I don’t know how much more of this I can take.


Peter sees that his wife is about to reach her wit’s end. Her frustration has reached a fever pitch. He pleads with Jesus to help his poor mother-in-law. Soon his wife is singing a different tune.


Jesus just took her hand. Now I see her rise.

And there’s a look of total shock in everyone’s eyes.

I see her jump up, much to my surprise,

For Jesus did the only thing that was wise.


Now, you may travel by camel or you may travel by car,

But a cup of sympathy by itself won’t get you too far.

However, Christ’s compassion goes quite a long way.

All you have to do is bend your knees and pray.



Peter and the other disciples with him in the house echo that last word:


Take time to pray!



Now, the power of Jesus is something Mama knows,

Because she’s feeling mighty good from her head to her toes.

For she knows that Jesus came to make her whole,

Not just to heal her body but to save her soul!


Now, we can trust Jesus in our time of need.

He’ll come to our rescue – oh yes, indeed!

Because He’ll always love us and He’ll always care.

All you need to do is invite Him and He’ll be there.