Do We Walk By Faith Or By Feelings?

“Please fix my feelings, Doctor, so I can walk by faith.”

Can you picture Peter saying this to Jesus as he stepped out of the boat? Better yet, can you picture Jesus saying this to Peter?

“I’m afraid you’ve got a little problem with manic-depression, Peter, jumping out the boat one moment, confident that you can walk on water. The next moment, you’re in a panic, crying out for me to save you as you sink beneath the waves. You need some meds to even out your mood swings!”

Many times, in Christian circles I have heard it said that believers are to walk by faith and not by feelings. But I have noticed that when Christians feel bad or are experiencing depression, they often do follow their feelings – straight to the doctor’s office. They want medication to balance their nerves and bring peace to their souls.

“I know I’m supposed to walk by faith, Doctor, not by feelings. So please, you have to fix my feelings so I can walk by faith.”

Isn’t that basically what they are saying? Well, that’s what it sounds like to me. The question is, what does Jesus think of this idea? Can you imagine Him sending his disciples to a doctor to cure the post-traumatic stress they undoubtedly experienced on the Sea of Galilee? How about when the demon-possessed man came at them from the tombs? That had to shake them up.

After all, the guy was like a man with multiple personalities – and they were driving him crazy. But Jesus drove the demons out and brought calm to his mind.

That’s what He can do for our emotions if we’ll let Him. After all, feelings change. They’re like waves of the sea – up one moment, down the next. That’s why Christians shouldn’t live by their feelings. But does that mean we shouldn’t have them?

Many of us have felt God’s presence. We have experienced His touch. Our emotions have been stirred through worship. When we read His Word, it stirs our hearts to action. If you know you should step out in faith but your heart’s not in it, should you look to natural means to fix your feelings so you can walk by faith?

Or should you seek the LORD with all your heart and believe the promise in Jeremiah 29:13?