Chemical Imbalance or Fiery Dart?

 Was It a Chemical Imbalance Or a Fiery Dart?


What Got To Peter’s Mind and Tried to Influence His Heart?


When he stepped on the water, taking Jesus’ words to heart,

I imagine Peter singing, “Sovereign God, how great Thou art!”

Then he began to sink. His feelings went from high to low

While angry winds roared, “How you blew it! How much lower can you go?”

He seemed to have a chemical imbalance, don’t you know?

Or had Satan hit the bold disciple with a fiery dart

As he stepped upon the water, taking Jesus’ words to heart?

Because the devil asked permission to make Peter’s mind a mess,

Bring chaos to his heart and overwhelm him with distress.

No wheat-sifting machine would compare to what he’d do,

As, one by one, he threw his fiery darts into the stew

And with harsh thoughts attempted to stir up a bitter brew

Of hard emotions so that Peter knew not what to do.

But Jesus pulled him up before the waves pulled Simon down,

And when they reached the boat, there was rejoicing all around.


    Did The Man With the Legion Have a Chemical Imbalance?


And what about the man Jesus delivered from the Legion,

The demon force that begged Him not to make them leave the region?

They must have caused a chemical imbalance in his head,

For he trembled as he ran to Jesus, tormented with dread.

The molecules inside his head were raging like a storm,

Tossed to and fro by Satan’s lies, which could not keep him warm.

But in one moment, Jesus calmed the hurricane in him

By driving out the darkness that had made his life so dim.

                                   Through Jesus’ mighty presence he enjoyed a peace divine

Because the demon army went into a herd of swine.

                                    The pigs, they squealed like crazy and did cartwheels off a cliff,

Thus frightening their owners, who became a little miffed.

Such strange emotional outbursts from swine they’d never seen.

Then they saw the man in his right mind and started acting mean.

“Please, Jesus, go away,” they begged. “We do not want you here.”

They’d rather have the man possessed than let God linger near.

Were they chemically imbalanced? Well, it seems they feared the path

That could free them from their sin and save them from God’s wrath.

What fiery darts flew at their heads to keep them from the Lord

Who made and keeps all things? To run from Him we can’t afford.


 His Blood Has Power to Balance our Chemicals


 We have all become imbalanced and we all have lost our way,

      Receiving fiery darts instead of keeping them at bay.

The tainted blood with which we’re born can’t keep our bodies whole.

Nor can it heal our bodies or bring wellness to the soul.

But in Jesus’ blood there’s power, for He shed it on the cross.

His blood restores our souls and grants new life for every loss,

Because it’s pure and holy, and it covers all our sin

If we are willing to prepare a place for it within.

     For though strong feelings may speak out and hard emotions flood,

This truth remains forever: There is power in Christ’s blood.