Clothed With Power: The Superhero Costume Change

I. Clothed With Power

A. In Need of a Superhero Costume Change

Don’t go anywhere, my Clark Kent-style Christian super hero, until you have a superhero costume change. Because God won’t let you blow when you do things His way. By going into His phone booth, you will succeed in making that power connection. This is where the superhero costume change takes place. Once properly outfitted, the mild-mannered “nobody” transforms into a man or woman capable of great exploits. (see Daniel 11:32)

This has profound spiritual applications for believers in Christ, called to spread the gospel which can save a person’s soul (see Matthew 28:18-20). For this, the Christian must take on God’s full armor (see Ephesians 6:10-18).


B. Believers are Already Super

Just as mild-mannered Clark Kent is really Superman, believers in Christ are already superheroes – as ordinary as they may appear on the outside. Like young Jeremiah, they might not look like someone to take seriously, but within burns a fire waiting to come out (see Jeremiah 20:9).

We are not our own but are “strangers and aliens” upon the earth (Hebrews 11:13). Having been crucified with Christ, who lives in us, we live by faith in Him. (Galatians 2:20). If anyone is in Christ, he or she is a new creation. The old has passed away. All things have become new. (II Corinthians 5:17) The believer doesn’t need a superhero costume change to prove his or her true identity. But being clothed with power is another matter.


II. The Superhero Costume Change Itself

Jesus instructed his first disciples (the apostles) not to leave Jerusalem but to wait for power from on high (Luke 24:49). That’s what they were to wear before going anywhere.

“But you shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and you shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.”

They received this superhero costume change on the day of Pentecost where Peter preached his first sermon. As a result, approximately three thousand people got saved. (see Acts 2:42).

Notice that they received it while meeting in one place – an upper room (see Acts 1:13). It’s sort of like a phone booth, if you think about it. This is where Jesus clothed them with power from on high. What were they doing? Praying (see verse 14) – talking with God. Except He didn’t answer with a flashing light like in the movies, but I can just imagine that mighty, rushing wind. Who needs special effect when you have the real thing, right?

Ephesians 5:17-20 commands believers not to be unwise but to “be filled with the Spirit, speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs.  This is our superhero phone connection.


Speed of Sight, a Superhero Adventure, is about an ordinary boy, Pete Plain, who undergoes an amazing superhero transformation.   It is available on Amazon and Kindle. Feel free to check it out and see how he accomplishes this costume change.



Interview with DG Lamb, Author of Driven to the Hilt

Hello, friends and visitors! I am pleased to present my very first author interview, with someone whose genre and  writing style is very different from my own. I consider it an “exploration in diversity.” My questions basically center on the first book in the Driven to the Hilt series, The Deepest Cut. It’s about a boy named Joshua who lives in a mining colony on a planet called Cyprus Grove. In the nearby swamp lives a deadly creature.

Can Joshua survive the swamp? And what about the criminal underworld lurking nearby? Which is more dangerous – the plants, the animals or the people? A word of caution: This book contains some disturbing elements and deals with topics some might find unsettling. But if you like action and adventure, it will keep you on the edge of your seat. It is not a humorous book, though it is sprinkled with bits of comic relief. It has a strong message throughout and gives the reader much to think about.

So, on to the interview:

How long have you been writing?

“I have been writing seriously since May, 2013.”

 What inspired you to start writing?

 “It is ‘who’, actually.   Between jobs at the time. my son Jacob came to keep me company while I was recovering from having my cancerous prostate removed. Sitting in the hospital room with time on our hands, he described an idea he had been developing in his mind for a novel. Then he asked me if I had any ideas for an interesting story.  I did.  But it was the two weeks of surgeon mandated recovery at home that is likely responsible for the thoughts becoming reality. After discharge, Jacob asked follow-up questions that prompted much more thought about the story, and after bouncing ideas off the rest of the family and getting encouragement from them, I had the time to actually begin writing.”


What sources have provided the most useful information on topics related to your book? 

 “Well, mostly a lifetime of reading science fiction, I suppose. And there is more than a little personal experience in some descriptions. Of course, the Internet is a wonderful source for gleaning little tidbits of facts that spice up any presentation about a specific topic. Finally, my brother, Chris, does research at National Defense University and has sent me information on a number of latest gadgets being considered by the military (nothing classified, obviously).”

 Based on your detailed descriptions of places in the book, it seems as if you’ve done a lot of traveling. If so, what is the most interesting place you’ve been to?

“In a general sense, my descriptions of The Swamp were informed by being in the wilderness throughout the Boy Scout experience, both my own and with my son. We backpacked many miles of mountain and desert trails throughout Arizona, explored Yosemite, the Pine River in Colorado, the Lost Coast of Northern California, Philmont High Adventure, and more. Several trips to Hawaii also provided first-hand exposure to a tropical ecosystem. And, of course, I’ve traveled to many fantastic places in my mind, through my aforementioned sci fi reading.”


What effect do you hope this book will have upon your readers?

“First and foremost, I would like readers to come away with an enhanced appreciation for the importance of taking conscious control of their own decisions. As a psychologist, I see so many problems that arise when people passively allow the world to act upon them, convinced they have no choice but to endure whatever is thrust upon them. I would love to think that someone might take heart from Joshua’s example and instead of giving up, takes control of what they can to make positive changes in their life.”


 Joshua is very interesting. What advice would you give to writers about developing their characters?

“Ha! Confession time. My initial attempts at writing about Joshua focused on describing his physical capabilities, which I believe were reasonably successful. But after some kind but honest feedback from my main beta readers (Jacob and Chris), I realized my main character was a paper cutout movie action hero stereotype.  Thereafter, I concentrated on developing a boy who was good at heart, but did not always have the answers, who made mistakes and bad choices, a boy who actually felt things, the full range of emotions that life evokes, especially when you are alone and facing the unknown wilds of a far flung mining colony.” 


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Comic Books, Like Bibles, Can Act as Portals

Comic books, like Bibles, can act as portals, transporting readers to a supernatural realm. That is a main theme in my book Speed of Sight, a Superhero Adventure. It is about an ordinary boy who reads a special comic book. This comic acts as a portal, transporting him to places he’s never been before and opening up his mind to the supernatural.

Like the Bible, this special brand of comic book inspires faith and gives hope to the broken-hearted. It enables the hero to see beyond his circumstances into a different, more powerful reality. As his home life falls apart, he sees the comic in his hand. It shines light on the evil forces that wish to ruin his life and shows him how to deal with them. After reading this comic, he finds himself sealed in a transparent pod which takes him on a trip through outer space.

Like Philip from the book of Acts, he gets “translated” from one place to another – in this case, it involves another realm. The comic acts as a catalyst, providing the faith fuel the hero needs on his journey.

While in this other realm, the hero meets the one who wrote the special comic books. This man, like Christ, is the author and finisher of the hero’s faith. With one touch  of  his pen,  this Christ figure empowers the hero with supernatural abilities. These supernatural abilities enable him to defeat bullies and save lives.

Such abilities, in a broad sense, represent spiritual gifts. The ability to see things others can’t, for example, may correlate to words of knowledge, wisdom, or discernment. The ability to move at super speeds is like a supernatural form of transportation. Again, I think of Philip, or perhaps Enoch the Old Testament saint.  He was the one who walked with God. Then suddenly one day he disappeared.

It was a miracle.

Miracles come from connecting with God and believing what He says.

As Daniel 11:32 declares, “Those who know their God will be strong and do exploits.”

Or, to quote Jesus, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believes on me, the works that I do he shall do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.” (John 14:12)

Such Bible words build faith and open portals to the supernatural. Inspired comic books, which enable us to picture those words, can do the same. That’s what Speed of Sight is all about. Feel free to check it out. If you like it, take the time to give it a thoughtful review.

After all, it’s all about that portal, the connection that enables us to transcend time and space in order to connect us with the supernatural.

Digging Wells that Demolish Writers’ Blocks

Digging wells is important, I have discovered, for dispensing living water that refreshes thirsty souls. When I first received the prophecy concerning God’s Word pouring out of me, I experienced a flood of inspiration. It bubbled up in the form of poems, skits, humor, stories, and profound Biblical insights. Drops of truth few others had dug up shone like gems inside my mind. I couldn’t wait to share them.

Then the Philistines came along and sought to plug the writing wells I dug by faith, while I following in the footsteps of Abraham, the man of faith. The Philistines, fathers of giants, used destructive criticism to dump dirt on the golden nuggets that sprang forth from my well. I had barely started digging but they wanted me to stop. Their intimidation tactics made me want to give up.

“After all, why write something nobody cares about?” they whispered in my ears.

“What if no one reads this novel you’ve been working on for years?”

“This isn’t right. You’re too obsessed. This work consumes you.”

“It’s an idol, not a gift.”

Their taunts, though true, hit my ears like clashing gongs. Forget the “diamonds  in the rough” I had unearthed. All they chose to feast their eyes on was the mess. As I listened to their digs, my pile of unpolished gems turned into a mountain of a writer’s block: huge, overwhelming, and impenetrable. With that as my focus, I’d never get anything to drink!

Let’s face it: Digging wells isn’t easy, but it’s the only way to move that writer’s block – because sometimes you have to move more mud out of the way to reach the water. Besides, that mud is packed with gems of inspiration. The more you dig, the more you’ll find.

For example, the first few gems you unearth may contain bits of dialogue. Later on, you may see some characters take take shape. Moreover, despite the fact  that  digging wells can be a years-long process, you’ll eventually hit water – but only if you keep digging.

Inspired by the story in Genesis 26:15-22

The Comic Book That Changed Pete’s Summer Vacation

 I. The Comic Book That Shook Up His No-Thrills Summer Vacation

Pete was just an average boy resigned to a lazy, hazy, no-thrills summer vacation, but his best friend gave him a comic book that changed all that. It happened on the last day of school. Actually, several things happened to him on that day.

  1. He began to see and hear what appeared to be a ghostly creature prowling about his house. When he tried to tell his parents about it, they acted as if he was nuts.

2. His sixth-grade teacher unexpectedly zapped the class with their choice of impossible summer project to do.  Pete accidentally picked the wildlife research project.

3. The next thing Pete knew, his best friend Jack Tamer had pulled him aside and given him an illegal comic book – not to read but to hide.

II. Don’t Read It? That Makes No Sense!

   I mean, come on. What child wouldn’t like a break from summer break, just long enough to curl up with a good book? Summer is supposed to be fun time, not fun-restriction time. You and I should know. July 4th is coming up. It’s Independence Day, not “Being Stolen From” day. For someone to try to steal the comic book was just too much. What school bully in his right mind would attempt something so bold and mean and majorly unfriendly?

   Craig Crowburn, leader of the Bog Fog Gang, that’s who. He and his smelly slime guns with their evil, gushy, soggy tuna-fishy blobs added way too much mayonnaise to the mix.  I mean –

Oops. I already said too much. After all, this about summer reading time, not some special PE class on fighting bullies.

Or is it?

III. To Read or Not to Read the Comic Book: That is the Question

Okay, back to my original point: The school year had ended. All Pete wanted was to go home.

Then Craig shot Jack with toxic slime.

Pete had nowhere to turn. Sitting next to Jack in the back of the bus where no one else could see him, he flipped open the page and began to read.

What happened next changed his life forever. He experiences the supernatural, miracle power of –

I mean, not to get carried away, but the comic book transformed Pete’s life. He became a hero. Now he faced more challenges than ever, as well as perplexing questions such as: Should he keep on reading or should he just hibernate away his summer doing nothing useful whatsoever?

To quote the first page, “The comic book had taken Pete on an amazing adventure. He couldn’t rest until he got it back.”

I Need a Children’s Picture Book to Understand This

Please would somebody write a children’s picture book for me that explains the ins and outs of internet technology? Yes, it will be a long book, but that is what I need, because I’m not a techno-geek, a fact that frustrates me. I need a miracle to understand how to link from Amazon, Google, Goodreads, etc to my site. That’s because my brain can’t seem to wrap itself around these written explanations. When I try to do what they explain, confusion hits my head.

If I was Captain Kirk, I’d constantly have to contact Scotty whose expertise could fix my broken “system.” Or maybe I’d need Spock, the super-analytical guy whose guesses are more sure than my noblest attempts to connect these strange threads.

Some people in my life thrive on research. I do not. Though I find it useful at times, the knowledge overload can weigh me down.

I am like a child when it comes to technology. Would someone please paint me a picture book explaining step by step how all this strange computer stuff works? I realize it will soon go out of date before I can put it into practice, but a simple children’s picture book would be so much more fun to read than some technical manual I can’t understand.

Would someone write a children’s picture book for me,

The one who’s not great with technology,

explaining what to do with all these links?

And don’t call me a “dummy” because that stinks,


For I’m a healer, not a techno-geek.

Come to me if healing is what you seek.

I’ll lead you straight to Jesus. He’s the key

To getting unstuck from the insecurity


I feel while trying to untangle that big web,

The Internet sea that tends to flow and ebb.

It’s yoke is heavy and it’s burden isn’t light.

So give a book in which I can delight!


For creating links involves technology

That has little to do with theology.

Though it seems to need a doctoral degree,

Because to me it lacks simplicity.


We all have different gifts and talents, and marketing books can be hard.

That said, I wonder how many adults like me would appreciate a simple book on internet jargon, how to make websites, etc that doesn’t take a PhD to understand?





Mustard Seeds of Multiple Ideas: Book Blogging

I. Mustard Seeds of Inspiration Lie All Around


Mustard seeds of inspiration lie all around,

Which in your search for insight you have suddenly found.

But is the knowledge tree they’ve formed too much for you?

Because there’s good and maybe evil in it too.


Despite the saying, “He who hesitates is lost,”

To publish involves counting up the cost.

What is the wisest way to use each word?

Without the Lord, your focus will get blurred.


When many mustard seeds of faith bombard your mind,

Do you have strength to type them in one at a time?

Or do they seem to lack all reason and all rhyme?

The sorting process does not feel sublime.


You feel impressed to type them right away,

But as you do, why not close your eyes and pray?

Ask God for wisdom, let Him show you how,

Instead of sowing those mustard seeds “right here, right now.”


II. So Many Mustard Seeds of Faith

So many mustard seeds of faith spring up,

But which ideas go inside each cup

Of the tale you have such fervency to share?

Does each idea belong? If so, then where?


You wish you knew where each idea should go,

But sorting through ideas can be slow.

Plus, if they clash, they’re sure to rock the flow,

And who wants to get caught in the undertow?


For the author who would not remain obscure,

It helps to have a writing stream that’s pure

And doesn’t feel like rapids hitting rocks

With spray that blinds your eyes and soaks you socks.

(It’s like a quake. You feel the aftershocks)


For seeds of thoughts that make your mountain move

Can also make you trip and lose your groove

Unless they’re forged with wisdom from above,

Tried in the fire of God’s perfect love.


And though book passion may be easy to ignite,

A novel may take many weeks to write,

But if learning to discern is your delight,

Then God will surely help you win the fight.


Cry out for wisdom, cry out for knowledge, cry out to Jesus.