God Faith Creates Miracles

God faith creates miracles,

Because His love believes all things.

It’s Jesus’ faith that saves us

With the righteousness it brings.


God faith creates miracles.

What great things He can do!

If we will keep our eyes on Him,

Then He will see us through.


God faith creates miracles,

And His promise gives us hope,

Especially for the desperate ones

At the end of their rope.


He never once made people sick,

And when they were in doubt,

He used his quiet authority

To cast the demons out.


One day a man who had no hope

Said “Jesus, if you can

Do anything, then help my son,

Because there is no man


Among your followers who knows

The way to calm his rage.

Please free this boy tossed to-and-fro

Inside that unseen cage.”


Amazed to see such unbelief

Displayed before His eyes,

Yet brimming with compassion,

Not a lick of compromise,


Jesus used His authority

To drive the evil out.

With faith unwavering,

He overruled every doubt.


However, as the boy lay on the ground

They thought he’d died.

But as Jesus helped him up

It could not be denied


That something great had taken place,

A miracle of faith.

God’s own belief brought wholeness

And rebuked the wrathful wraith.


No unbelief, you see,

Can stand against a love so true,

Through which all things are possible.

I know that love. Do you?