Give Thanks in Every Circumstance

Give thanks in every circumstance.

That’s right. You heard me, Master Vance.

Instead of blaming brother Lance,

Give thanks in every circumstance.

Regardless of the – yes, I know it’s tough. Nevertheless. . .

I mean – oh, come on.


You say you blew a new romance

And tore a hole in your new pants?

Well you could chalk it up to chance,

Or perhaps instead you could. . .


Give thanks in every circumstance,

Although it may be hard because, you see . . .



Lance says your lunch got snatched by ants

And drought destroyed your batch of plants.

Your anger rises. “What’s the chance -?”


Hey, it’s okay. Calm down, dear Vance.

Instead of ripping up your pants,


Give thanks in every circumstance.


Oh, but what’s that? It’s gotten worse?


You say your boss that raves and rants

Simply refuses to advance

Your salary. You’ve got no chance?


Yes, I know it’s too much. But instead of

Being bitter, I really think you need to . . .


Give thanks in every circumstance.


Hey, wait! What’s that about the dance

That cancelled out your flight to France?

I know you’re blaming it on Lance,

But even though he ruined your chance,

you should still be nice. Yes, I know, nice

doesn’t fit the rhyme scheme. Nevertheless,

you should still obey me and

Give thanks in every circumstance.


So then, all together:


Give thanks in every circumstance

And your performance you’ll enhance.

Perhaps you may even snag that advance!


And if you bless the boss that raves and rants,

His anger will not stand a chance

Against your joyful, happy stance.


So then,


Give thanks for ants and blighted plants

And even for your shredded pants.

Behold outside the great expanse.


Consider where the sparrow lands

And who holds its life in His hands.

Thanksgiving is one of His commands.


Besides, you’ll get nowhere by being hateful.

Rather, you’re blessed by being grateful.

If of food you have a plateful,

That’s one reason to be grateful.


And if of gas you have a tankful,

Than you surely should be thankful.

Because if you have money in the bank,

Then it’s time the Lord to thank.




Admit your life is not so shabby.

There’s no reason to be crabby.

Though you may hurt when some play pranks,

You still should keep on giving thanks.


You need to have an attitude

That keeps expressing gratitude.

For if you’re kind to one and all,

Then they may help you when you fall.