Boy From Broken Home Gets Super Powers

I. Boy From Broken Home Gets Super Powers: The Reason For This Book

“Newsflash: Boy from broken home gets super powers.”

Okay. So you may ask yourself, “Why did C.R. Flamingbush write this book?”

The idea started off as an inspiration, actually, a letter written about a boy from a broken home. Nine, almost ten years ago. I felt inspired to encourage this young man – and his mother – concerning how they and their family members were speaking to one another. Various Bible stories came to mind regarding faith heroes who dealt with tough family situations. Yet God still used them. Though emotionally beaten up and worn out (Biblical examples abound), they received power to defeat the enemy. They were not victims of their circumstances. They overcame.

While writing Speed of Sight, a Superhero Adventure, I had to confront issues in my own life. Such as past hurts I’d never dealt with, wrong mindsets I’d clung to for years, and hidden anger stemming from communication breakdowns. When I first started writing, I kept the story at a superficial level – just clever enough to keep people’s interest without delving into my characters’ thoughts or emotions. But the more feedback I received, the more I realized those characters weren’t real. I needed to go deeper, and it was frightening..

As my main co-writer/editor asked probing questions regarding characters’ personalities, I began to realize they were more than just the sum of their problems. I was dealing with real people. Humor for the sake of humor wouldn’t cut it. The jokes had to make sense within the broader story line. After all, the aim of this book is to encourage young people that no matter how dysfunctional their home lives might be, then can overcome through Christ. I could not ignore the pain, though the main idea is to help them not to focus on it. Hopefully I’ve managed to achieve that with this story (though I believe the sequel will be funnier).

II. Boy From Broken Home Gets Super Powers: The Story Line Itself

In Speed of Sight, a Superhero Adventure, Pete Plain, an awkward boy from a broken home, reads a forbidden comic and comes down with super powers – just in time to confront the evil forces rampaging through his hometown. It is a town where boredom rules, creativity is frowned on, and law-abiding citizens tolerate all sorts of bad behavior. Meanwhile, villains have a heyday bending rules. Can Pete find a way to defeat them before it’s too late?

Before he confronts the school bully who shot his best friend Jack with toxic slime,  Pete must confront the evil forces trying to weigh him down. When his dad unexpectedly leaves the family, he faces a new threat: the malicious malady called Sadly Absent Dad Syndrome.

The key to overcoming all these problems is found in a special brand of forbidden comic books. The author who wrote them gives Pete super sight and super speed. Pete has much to learn about these powers as he struggles with the angst that comes from feeling abandoned.

III. Boy From Broken Home Gets Super Powers: Hidden Meanings

Speed of Sight explores several issues related to spiritual warfare, such as the role of joy in overcoming enemies. “The garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness” is a major theme. So is thankfulness, which stems from remembering good times and reminding one’s self of precious truths written in God’s Word (which in this case takes the form of a comic book). It contains all the power we need to live a life that honors Christ if we’ll put it into practice. In other words, don’t just study the footnotes and commentaries. Use the comics to take adventures!

Those who enjoy Christian superhero fantasy of a whimsical nature may appreciate the more satirical elements tucked inside this book. I try to address serious issues in a humorous sort of way, poking fun at attitudes I think believers should leave behind in order to make a difference in people’s lives.

That’s what I hope to do with this book. May it reach the audience for which it is intended.

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