Zero New Likes

It’s very interesting, but having refrained from blogging for over a month in order to 1) go on a missions trip and 2) complete my novel (NaNoWriMo, here I come in a few days!), I happened to notice that while I was in writing land, quite a few people dropped by my site. There were more views than expected for someone like me who has been gone so long, but – get this – absolutely zero likes!

What’s up with that?

Did I lose touch with my audience while I was gone?

Were the people who stopped by my site looking for something – or someone – else?

It’s funny, but when I write more new posts, I seem to get more likes and comments than when the posts are older.

Do people see those older posts as “stale manna,” unworthy to be enjoyed because they’ve somehow lost their zing? Or perhaps they have enough likes already that new viewers look at them and say, “It doesn’t matter what I think. My vote doesn’t count.

But their vote does count. If only they knew! It’s hard to write consistently, day by day, or even week by week, especially when no one pays attention. Or perhaps they do pay attention, but it’s only a passing glance, like someone window shopping. They see the same dresses on display for over a month, with a sign hanging over the window declaring that no new models are currently on display.

“So, try another site, folks. This person is out to lunch.”

Anyhow, that’s how it feels. But I’m back blogging again, at least for now, and for what’s it’s worth, I think I’ve found a publisher for my middle grade fantasy book (just in case anyone was wondering).

The other day I posted something new and got one like, so I guess I’m back in action again (smile).

Happy blogging to all. It’s great to be back again!





Author: C R Flamingbush

C.R. Flamingbush grew up in Wheaton, Illinois and graduated from Georgetown University with a degree in German and linguistics. After working seven years for the Department of Defense (an easy job), she took on the most difficult challenge in the world: a lifetime career of raising four children. Along the way she developed a passion for writing Christian superhero fantasy. She enjoys humor because it's Biblical (see the second psalm) and she loves to make people laugh - whether through her writings, her art, or just by being herself. Writing fantasy is her way of poking fun at human foibles and all the ridiculous ideas that so easily beset the human race, while at the same time honoring God in every way she can. Flamingbush has been a member of Faithwriters since 2010, and several of her winning contest entries have been published by Fresh Air Press. She likes Fan Story and has been a Narnia fan since the age of ten. In terms of influence, she aspires to be the next C.S. Lewis but has quite a ways to go in that regard. Speed of Sight, a Superhero Adventure, is her first novel. A sequel is in the works.

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