The Last Time I Blogged

When was the last time I blogged? It’s hard to remember. I’ve been having too much fun watching my grandson four days a week, revising my novel that I actually took the time to get professionally critiqued (I don’t know why I didn’t do that years before), and doing illustrations for my friend’s book.  I haven’t had much time to write about other topics that are so dear to my heart: like believing God for miracles in Jesus’ name, encouraging people to trust God for miracles in Jesus’ name, reminding myself of all the healing scriptures I know and how I must compose another healing tract before I embark on my next missions trip. I must translate said tract into Spanish, of course. But priorities are priorities. Yes, these things can and will get done, but they will have to wait.

So anyhow, here are a few thoughts when it comes to being a grandmother. In the Bible, there are good grandmothers and bad grandmothers. The most notorious grandmother I remember reading about was a queen named Athaliah, daughter of Ahab and Jezebel. She had her own grandchildren killed so that she could rule the land of Judah, which means “praise.” Do you and I know any women like that today –  women who must come first, who have to be in charge, sacrificing family at the altar of fame, fortune, and all-consuming career? As long as Athaliah could rule her son, she was content to let him reign. But once her influence seemed as if it might wane, things changed. She turned into the nastiest woman I ever recall reading about.

As for me, I’d rather be the kind of grandmother that Timothy had, passing on my faith to the next generation. With Jesus ruling in my heart, I don’t have to rule the land. It is not my role to be “number one” but to put others first and to pour into the next generation life-changing scriptural truths that will help them reign in life through the power of God. That’s why I am praying for my grandson and speaking God’s Word over his life. I’m planting seeds of faith in him while he is only three months old (but so adorable), trusting that those seeds of faith will sink into his mind even before he learns to talk. I envision him going places I have never been, walking in greater gifts than I do, and doing greater works than I ever have.

It’s not a grandmother’s role to take but to give. Never underestimate the power of a grandmother to change a life, and by so doing, to change the world. Yes, it does mean putting some things on hold temporarily, but the reward of seeing my children walk in truth outweighs any minor sacrifice I have to make to do so. That’s why I haven’t composed any new articles lately. Raising up the next generation has taken precedence over writing. Don’t get me wrong. I still find time to write; but it’s family first, then novel,  book illustrations, then articles.

Hopefully within a few months, once I’ve finished revising my novel for what feels like the hundredth time, and have finally sent it off to a publisher, I will be able to publish a few more blog posts. Until then, happy blogging, friends. I will catch up with you as soon as I can.


Author: C R Flamingbush

C.R. Flamingbush grew up in Wheaton, Illinois and graduated from Georgetown University with a degree in German and linguistics. After working seven years for the Department of Defense (an easy job), she took on the most difficult challenge in the world: a lifetime career of raising four children. Along the way she developed a passion for writing Christian superhero fantasy. She enjoys humor because it's Biblical (see the second psalm) and she loves to make people laugh - whether through her writings, her art, or just by being herself. Writing fantasy is her way of poking fun at human foibles and all the ridiculous ideas that so easily beset the human race, while at the same time honoring God in every way she can. Flamingbush has been a member of Faithwriters since 2010, and several of her winning contest entries have been published by Fresh Air Press. She likes Fan Story and has been a Narnia fan since the age of ten. In terms of influence, she aspires to be the next C.S. Lewis but has quite a ways to go in that regard. Speed of Sight, a Superhero Adventure, is her first novel. A sequel is in the works.

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